Portfolio & Trades

Find our personal holdings on this page as well as our seven latest trades.


We post our paper holdings only, even though our portfolios also consists of a solid foundation in terms of physical gold and silver. This page was created as a tool to make it easier to follow our everyday moves and as a place to get new ideas and inspiration to do research on your own. Current portfolio in alphabetical order:

Our Main Portfolio
* Endeavour Mining (edv.to)
* Golden Arrow Resources (grg.v)
* Gold Standard Ventures (gsv.v)
* McEwen Mining (mux.to)
* Silver Wheaton (slw.to)
* Yamana Gold (yri.to)

High risk – High reward, a portfolio within the portfolio
(totalling max 10-12%)

* Gulfslope Energy (gspe)
* TomaGold Corp. (lot.v)

Latest Trades

* New holding: GRG (Apr 28)
* Bought LOT @ 0.085 (Apr 27)
* New holding: LOT @ 0.06 (Apr 14)
* Sold SSO @ 9.55 (Apr 13)
* Bought MUX @ ~3.14 (Apr 11)
* Bought SSO @ ~7.45 (Apr 6)
* Bought EDV @ ~11.72 (Apr 6)

We are also adding physical precious metals on a regular basis.

Make sure to read our disclaimer as well as our About page before making any investment decicions.