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A few extra precautionary words
Investing in resource companies, and juniors in particular, is associated with very high risk as well as extreme volatility. For those of you who cannot deal with that kind of environment, we think you should perhaps look elsewhere for investment ideas. Here are some of the guidelines we try to follow ourselves:

1) We never use leverage when investing/speculating.

2) We only invest money that we can afford to lose or leave in the market for a longer period of time (1-2 years).

3) We stay away from ETF’s in general. They are paper promises which add another possible risk. One exception could be GDX/GDXJ for those who want a diversified exposure to gold companies.

4) We take profits. We are not afraid to keep some money on the sidelines; there will always be new buying opportunities along the way. One way of doing it, is to sell enough shares after a good run, to enjoy the remaining holding as a free ride.

5) We do our own due diligence to the best of our ability. We also follow the fundamental changes in every holding by reading news releases, MD&A’s etc. We understand and recognize the very high risks that comes with investing in junior resource stocks. It’s so important to follow the companies’ every move and news release, otherwise one might as well stay away.

6) We try to keep our portfolios well diversified. By doing so, we lower the already high risk. For us, this does not only mean holding many different companies, but also to hold companies with projects in different parts of the world. We believe there are land and political risks everywhere, something that will be even more visible in the coming years.

7) Related to point #6, we have a substantial holding in physical metal as a foundation in our portfolios. It’s an easy trade to do, just buy – hold/hide – forget about it. We don’t have to worry about confiscation, political risk, natural disasters and management and so on.

Good luck on your investing!

Team Gecko Research