It is a competitive world out there, especially for resource companies to get their word out to the public. The stories that are well illustrated and spread, often get a higher valuation than others, and of course it is in our interest to direct focus and awareness on the companies that we follow and find interesting.

One way which we know is very much appreciated both by investors/analysts and of managements, is to invite the companies to Stockholm to tell their story. We can arrange gatherings everywhere from five to two hundred people, which ever applies best for the occasion.

Normally, the presentation is located in one of Stockholm’s finest luxury hotels or in the premises of a specific brokerage house. Please contact us us for further information.

Presentations organized by Gecko Research:

* Orvana Minerals – Stockholm Sep 26, 2011 (Bill Williams, Agne Ahlenius)

* Dacha Strategic Metals – Stockholm Sep 26, 2011 (Scott Moore)

* Avion Gold Corp – Stockholm Sep 26, 2011 (John Begeman, Don Dudek)

* Orvana Minerals – Stockholm Oct 4, 2010 (Roland Horst, Bill Williams)

* OceanaGold – Stockholm Oct 4, 2010 (Jim Askew, Darren Klinck)

* Longford Energy – Stockholm April 12, 2010

* Vast Exploration – Stockholm April 12, 2010